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Discuss the IoT pHAT here, WiFi + Bluetooth for the Raspberry Pi Zero.


Don’t seem to be able to get mine going. It doesn’t seem to be detecting the pHat so wifi etc are not enabled. Do I need a specific version of raspian?


Which version with you? We tested with NOOBS 1.9.2



Try this command:
$ ls /proc/device-tree/soc/

You should see there is a folder named iothat if the OS reads the EEPROM correctly.



Yes the folder is there, and the wifi seems to be working now I’ve downloaded the latest raspbian from the pi website. However BT is not. working for some reason.


Problem mine is the other way round. I’ve already set all the procedure given and the wifi is still not up. In the begining I’ve found that the Wifi operational if I get the ifconfig with wlan0. After patch EEPROM to ver 0.3 bluetooth is operational however sadly wifi is out. Any Idea, already check all the soldering and all is fine.


got it working it seems like clash with my usb ethernet dongle … that strange …


Well, I’ve just received my IoTpHAT, only to discover that the damn header has been soldered onto the board. I think, if I remember correctly, that the socket was to be left unsoldered with the header included in the package.
What promised to be a useful add-on board is now useless for my intended project - unless I risk unsoldering the thing



I suggest you to submit a support ticket to RedBear and they will help to check for the mistake.


Even after upgrading the firmware to v0.5 on the PHAT, on my PI zero connects to WIFI and works for around 30-40 seconds. Then stops working. Trying a ‘sudo iwlist wlan0 scan’ works. But a ‘ping’ doesn’t. Has anyone see this type of behavior before?