Adding Additional Memory to Duo


We need guidance on the easiest way to add additional memory to the Duo.

We will add a memory IC to the mating board

  1. Should we use DRAM, SRAM, NAND IC memory?
  2. Once HW is added, what is the best pin connection?
  3. What if any libraries need to be added to configure and use the additional memory?

We use native Duo and Arduino libraries.

Many thanks!


Hi @pat-babbled,

What do you use the memory IC for? For storing volatile or non-volatile data?


Guohul, thanks for the quick reply. This will be exclusively for volatile memory only.

We’ve run into heap problems recently and believe this will solve that issue, as well as extend our content capability.


Sorry volatile DATA only not MEMORY.


Sorry @pat-babbled, The Duo does not support extending memory for storing volatile data. :cry:


Thanks, does it support extending memory for storing non-volatile data?



What would the equivalent PINs be for the DUO?


Yes, as long as you implement the driver for the external flash. While there is already an external SPI flash on the Duo and you access it using the APIs described here:

Here is the pin mapping of the Duo:

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