Arduino IDE 1.8.5 - no option for "RedBear Duo (Native USB Port)"


Redbear Duo, fw version 0.3.1, cloud connected. In listening mode I can access the device via putty to COM23.

Tools > Get Board Info returns:

BN: Unknown board
VID: 2B04
PID: C058
SN: Upload any sketch to obtain it

But Tools > Board has no option for the Redbear Duo, and Board Manager doesn’t return any likely results either.

The default option is “Arduino/Genuino Uno” - I’m assuming that won’t work?


Whoops, found this guide which I somehow missed when following the other installation guides.


I’m glad to hear that works for you finally, cheers!


I burned bootloader. But My redbear duo is breathing cyan. I can’t see drive port and wifi on mobile. how do you fix this?