Audio streaming



I’m working on an iOT device integrating a speaker (in addition to other more standard features).
I’m using programs developed with and calling some APIs (such as Spotify) to play music.

Would a Redbear Duo be able to play that kind of musical audio source, using a 16 or 32bits DAC + an amplifer or something like this ?
Or would it be absolutely not relevant ?

I’m quite new on electronics.
Initially I was developing it on PI 3, which is good to use in this case. But the lack of PWM Pins needed for the other features will probably force me to change.

Thank you very much for your helps !


Hi @skatospag,

I think it is possible. It depends on the kind of DAC chip you are going to use. Besides, you may need an external power source to drive the speaker. I didn’t build such a project before, so what I can suggest are limited.

Best regards,


Thank you @guohui for your answer.
If anyone else can have inputs on this, even on the type of DAP/DAC chips that we are talking about, that would really help me.
And yes, I will use external power source for this kind of chip and for the amplifier.


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