Availability WiFi CC3200 board


I am starting a project which uses your WiFi CC3200 board. I tried using the newer Duo but as this lacks SSL support, I need to fall back to the CC3200 which does support SSL.

I noticed that the board is ‘Out of Stock’ on your webshop. When will you get new stock available? And how long are you planning to deliver this board as my project will be using this board for several years.




Unfortunately we have to stop the production of all CC3200 due to low demand.


Ok, understood.

Other question, SSL support on the Duo, do you expect this to become available from Redbear soon? Particle does not support it (yet).


The Particle has implemented the SSL, see the file list here. But it seams that it doesn’t provide APIs for user call.


There are some files called ‘lightssl_…’. But these files are not finished and it seems they are there only to support the AES communication to the Particle Cloud. On my opinion Particle will not release SSL support, they want to sell their cloud products which kinda replace SSL.

For our application we do need SSL and we can’t solve it with Particle webhooks.
Is Redbear planning to work on this?

If not I’m afraid the Duo will be difficult to use in our application. We’ll have to design a custom CC3200 board cause the CC3200 does support SSL natively.