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Battery powered IOT


Is it possible to wire and configure the pHAT so that it sits in a very low power standby mode (uA) waiting for a BT signal, and then provides an output to enable a lipo psu which boots the pi / pHAT?

If not, do you know of any commercial product? (Perhaps I should be looking at the espn32?)

Battery power is such a big part of IOT that something like this would be very handy…


I think it is not possible to use the Pi Zero for low power applications.

I cannot comment on the espn32, we have not tried it out yet.


The zero is powered by a battery psu that is enabled from time to time by an RTC and nano power pic. I get about one years running from a small lipo with the zero firing up once a day. With a tiny photovoltaic panel it’ll go forever… Applications include time-lapse photography, data logging etc.

I was hoping to use the pHAT’s BT module in nano power standby so that I could fire the zero up using a BT remote control.


I think you should use another BLE SoC (maybe our nRF51822) to do the scanning and once it detects an object (e.g. beacon) comes closely, it wakes up the RPi to do some actions.