BLE Communication Between Two Redbear Duos


This is my first time working with Bluetooth programming in Arduino using the Redbear Duo. My goal is to send a command from one Redbear Duo to another Redbear Duo via BLE so that it blinks the on-board LED remotely. I’ve looked through the examples in the Arduino IDE with the central and peripheral as well as the Github but there isn’t much documentation explaining exactly what is going on and how to use the BLE functionality. Is there a way I can do something as simple as remotely blink the LED? How do I pair the two Redbear Duos and send the command?


Hi @nspaine, Have you ever read this reference manual: ?

Currently the Duo doesn’t support paring functionality.


Hi guohui, thanks for the response. Yes, I did read that document and it didn’t help much with understanding how to communicate via Bluetooth. Like I said, it’s my first time working with BLE, and excuse me for my ignorance but I’m a bit skeptical as to how these two devices cannot pair to each other if they both have built-in BLE modules? From my limited understanding of Bluetooth, all you need is to setup one as a peripheral and another as a central device so that one is advertising and the other picks that up and communicates through that connection. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

I might try a couple wireless Arduino HC-05 Bluetooth adapters instead to communicate with one another. Thanks!


The BLE module does support paring, but we don’t provided pairing relevant APIs for user. The paring functionality is a bit complex and not actually necessary for most of BLE projects. It might make users have a bad experience. Sorry for that.

Regarding how to develop BLE projects, I would suggest you try understanding the basic BLE working procedure, in conjunction with the BLE examples.