BLE Controller App not available anymore?


Hi guys,

I want to try out some sample bluetooth sketches, such as BLE_SimplePeripheral and BLEController using the arduino library on my BLE Nano v2. Unfortunatelly I cannot find the Red Bear BLE Controller App for Android on the Play store. Is it not available anymore or do I need to download it from another resource?
I appreciate any help.


Please note that we no longer provide our Apps.

There are old version of the Android Apps we published, they are not updated, *you can use them at your own risk, we do not provide warranty or support.



Could you also make available .ipa file for the iOS devices?


Here are a couple of alternatives on google play
Try the free nRF Toolbox for BLE
The Uart section allows you to assign cmds/symbols to an array of buttons

You could also try my pfodDesigner (free) which allows you to create controls for your Android and then generates the code for the Redbear Ble nano. However to connect and display and operate the menus you will need my pfodApp (~US10)

The pfodDesigner generates code that uses the Nordic Uart connection so you can also connect and send cmds using the nordic apps.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide “.ipa file for the iOS devices” due to business contract reason.