BLE Controller in Android phone cannot find BLE Nano v2 with SimpleChat sample


Hello RedBears,

My issue is; “BLE Controller” on my android phone cannot find my nano v2.
Could you kindly help me?

I’ve got a BLE nano v2.0 and DAPLink v1.0.

Computer: Mac version 10.13.4
Arduino IDE version 1.8.5

I followed instruction of getting-started and it’s fine.

I uploaded “Blink without Delay” after substitution “LED_BUILTIN” to “D13” and it works.

Then I moved to “SimpleChat”. It spilled some warnings but no error. Uploading was succeeded.
When the serial monitor was opened before uploading SimpleChat, it showed “Advertising Start!”.

I installed “BLE Controller” v2.0.2 on my android phone (7.1.1).
I opened the app and choose “Simple Chat” from it’s menu, then tap “Scan” button.
Here comes my issue. The app cannot find anything. Just said “No BLE device was found”.

I want to make a small device with some servo motors controlled by a custom android app.


I solved this by myself, no, by reading many things on web.

  1. copy nRF52832/test/nRF52_EraseChip.hex to the DAPLink drive
  2. burn again bootloader using arduino IDE
  3. upload new sketch