BLE controller won't detect my device


when I press scan on my iPhone 6s on version 10.3.3 on the BLE controller app it says:

No BLE Device found.

could someone help?


Have you loaded the corresponding sketch to your BLE Nano yet?
BLEController, SimpleChat or SimpleControls.


I tried but the code is pasted with errors that shouldn’t really exist

'IS_PIN_DIGITAL' was not declared in this scope

if (IS_PIN_DIGITAL(pin)) {

#define IS_PIN_DIGITAL(p) ( (p) >= 2 && (p) < 22 )

same with TOTAL_PINS


not example - I fixed and uploaded that and pressed scan and same problem, so again:

could someone help me please?

thanks in advance and for previous help.


ok, a partial solution is to try a different example.


I have the exact same issue. Which example did you try out? (I tried BLE Controller, Simple Chat and Simple Controls…)


just BLEcontroller (try completely deleting and reinstalling only the necessary stuff in the 1.8.0 idle (allowed me to use simple chat and simple controls but I still need BLEcontroller - see my other string, the BLEcontroller example doesn’t work.).

thanks for reading this string


Is there anyone who resolved this issue?
I tried all the BLE example inside the library but my BLE Nano2 never connected to my android phone.
Only the precompiled sketches worked fine