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BLE Nano 2 Blinky program in keil


Hi guys,
Can anyone provide me the steps to blink the led in my Nano 2.I have tried with the hex file by dragging and dropping it.Now i am trying with Keil,but it shows that it cannot load the file “flash download failed”…


this worked for me:

can’t get it blinking though, perhaps need to set a different pin num


I’m having the same issues trying to program my BLE Nano Kit v2 using Keil 5.24

None of the examples I’ve tried worked after I download them to flash memory, although they’ve compiled with neither errors nor warnings.

I’m using Keil 5.24 with SDK 14.2.0 and my BLE Nano v2.0 comes with a DAPLink v1.5

I hope someone has more effective instructions then the ones at https://github.com/redbear/nRF5x/tree/master/nRF52832 because none of them helped me.

Thanks in advance


Hi @adonay,

Make sure that you have downloaded the SoftDevice first before downloading your application via Keil IDE.

Best regards,