BLE Nano 2 Bluetooth Serial Communication to Windows and I2C



I’m considering using BLE Nano 2 on my project where in I’ll be controlling a BNO055 using I2C and then send the raw data to a Windows 10 computer via Bluetooth interface.

Can anyone point me to some examples where in BLE Nano 2 is used to communicate using I2C? And also examples in which the BLE Nano 2 is configured to provide serial interface via Bluetooth in Windows?

The latter one is more critical.

Appreciate all the help as I really am time bounded with the project.




I have not tried to get an I2C communication on the device, but I have had significant success interfacing with a Windows computer. The UWP platform in Visual Studios allows for semi-easy creation of applications that work with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Although, I have to warn you that the BluetoothLE APIs for windows do not support a connection with a high throughput and low latency. I have found that to get the most reliable connection you must keep the connection interval above 40 ms and only try to send at most one packet of 20 bytes through in a connection interval.

I would suggest this blog post to get started in writing the application in Visual Studio.