BLE Nano 2 debug


Hi is there a way to upload software on BLE nano 2 and with the same companion board debug the program?
Isn’t important for me mbed, arduino, gcc or other but is there a way for debug… it’s also pareciate if there is a BLE way, so I show something like espruino or Zerynth pyton can debug over the air…

thanks for your opinion


You should be able to use nRFDK to upload & debug, via P20 debug header.
I’ve tried it myself, couldn’t do it yet, had to do other stuff.
But I need it now, so I’ll get back on it.
I was using Nordic SDK, Eclipse, gcc on nRF DK and my simple Blinky worked fine
on Nano2.
I’ve also tried to run DAPLink, openOcd, Eclipse, gcc as the debug upload interface,
needed to have a correct .cfg file.
Will post when I get one working.


I was able to use nRF52 DK to debug Nano2 via P20 headers it has.
It works very well with Eclipse & gcc.