BLE Nano 2 Pairing issues with nrftoolbox and nrfconnect


red bear NANO 2 not pairing with nrf toolbox and nrf connect. I am using arduino IDE and I am not able to implement the ble uart communication via the nrf application.

PS I changed the UUIDS to the Nordic uart service but still there are pairing difficulties.

Any help will be highly appreciated thanks.


Hi sid,
I have downloaded BLE_HRM in Arduino. And it turned out that nrf toolbox can scan with its BLE and read its characteristic value. Is there a bootloader in your BLE Nano2 and you should confirm that.


Hi sid,

first you need to burn the bootloader to the Nano 2.
That crap Modules arren’t coming with a bootloader preloaded.
Then you can load the Uart example.

Hope this helped.


There has been a problem with the UUIDS and I changed the UUIDS on the code and it is finally pairing up thanks a lot