BLE Nano 2: using I2C and UART simultaneously


Hi all,

We are using the BLE Nano v2 for our IoT project. We prototyped on the Nordic nRF52832 DevKit, and now switched to the BLE Nano 2, and are programming it with the Nordic SDK. In this project we will need to use both UART and I2C. From this Nordic DevZone forum thread I make up that it is possible to do so with the nRF52832 chip. We are already using UART, but did not try I2C yet on the Nano, although this Redbear thread states it should work.

I was wondering: did anyone already succeed in doing this (i.e., using both UART and I2C of the Nano, programmed with the Nordic SDK)? Are there any suggestions on the pin-out I should use for I2C/UART?