BLE Nano and coin cell



I know this is a hot topic, but did someone successfully made Nano to run on a coin battery for more than 2 weeks?
I have a major project and we cannot run Nano more than 2 weeks even on the CR2477.
I am running tx power @ -16 and the advertising interval 10s! This are one of the lowest set up you can get.

Nordic has a lot of info but I cannot make it work.
We use Nano to measure a temperature probe ones every day and the connection to the server also ones a day!

Any ideas?


Question about Advertising and Disconnecting

Hi thepulpis,
The power consumption measurement is about 300uA(BLE adv_interval : 100ms, tx power : 0db, system on mode).
How much is the power consumption measurement?


Thx jixing!

I don’t know how much I am using - i don’t now how to measure!
i have only the BLE Nano and the MK20 board, do I need anything else to see the amps consumption?

Is RedBear offer support for OEM development if we pay?


Hi thepulpis,
You can use multimeter to measure.
About OEM, I think you need to contact with [email protected]


Hello Jixing,

I did my measurements and the current consumption is 1.34mA, almost 4x that it should be!
I am running a modified “Simple Controls” with the following modifications:

#define DIG_OUT_PIN D13

// set tx power,valid values are -40, -20, -16, -12, -8, -4, 0, 4
// set adv_interval, 100ms in multiples of 0.625ms.

digitalWrite(DIG_OUT_PIN, HIGH);

As you can see all the LEDs are off and TX power and Advertising interval running at the minimum.
Do you have any idea why I get all this consumption?



Hi thepulpis,
Refer to this


It is working!!!
With your code I get 0.145 mA with the LED on

Thank you


Hi thepulpis

I am using the simple control mbed example as well.
even with your suggestions, i can only achieve 1mA current consumption.


I have added a reply to

about the detailed low power tutorial I have written, <100uA