BLE Nano kit v2 I2C with IDE Arduino


I have bought a BLE Nano 2 kit with DAPLink board and I test it since some days with the Arduino IDE.

I have tried the “BLE_Examples/SimpleChat” example, it works very well with the “nRF Connect” application. GPIO input / ouput run very well also.

Now I try to use I2C to drive a BME280 sensor. I have not able to have correct SDA and SCL signals on the DAPLink.
I have tried also the BLE Nano 2 without DAPLink, on a breadboard supplied directly with 3.3V, I have the same problem. I2C do not run.
I also try the “TWI/AT24C512_Demo” example without success. The SCL signal is always high, SDA is always low.

Some person on this forum have problem with I2C, other person NO. Is there a particular configuration to have I2C running with IDE Arduino?

People who had I2C problems how did they solve them?

Thanks for yor help.
Best regards.


You should confirm that SCL and SDA whether have pull-up resistor or not.And The TWI/AT24C512 sketch is verified which you can refer to.