BLE Nano v2 unable to connect to phone


Dear all,

Recently I purchased a BLE Nano 2 for a school project and have to code it using the Arduino IDE. I am completely new to this so I am pretty lost – as there seems to be no library to refer to and there are only example sketches.

  1. Is there a way/guide to learn how to programme the BLE Nano 2?

  2. I have tried to pair my BLE Nano 2 with the RedBear App on my android phone after uploading sketches like Simple Controls and BLE Controller but when I scan for devices, it does not seem to be able to discover the microcontroller.
    I am getting errors like ‘IS_PIN_DIGITAL’ was not declared in this scope.
    How do I solve this?

My phone app is able to pair with the BLE Nano 2 only when I use SimpleChat. I really hope to be able to have anyone helping as I am currently stuck with my project because of this.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.


The free pfodDesignerV3 android app will generate code for the NanoV2. It creates a Nordic UART connection and also can create a pfodApp menu (pfodApp is a paid Android app)
If you just want a UART connection you can delete the pfodApp menu code from the generated output.
For a complete NanoV2 example see


I had your problem too but if you remove the #ifdef parts for nano it works fine(ish - see my other topics)


yesterday I was able to upload and run correctly my sketch on Nano v2 together with nRFToolbox app. But I had to change smartphone and Android version.
Now I’m using an Android tablet with Android 7.0.
I installed my modified nRFToolbox app using Android Studio and everything run fine.
Moreover, I do not need to pair the nano v2 with the app: you can just connect the two devices and everything works.
So I’m pretty sure all the problem were born in compatibility version between BLE statck implemented in Nano v2 and the Android version running the nRFToolbx app