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BLE Nano2 can't frag and drop Hex files to DAPLINK


Hi All,

I am having an issue with my Nano2 boards. I have created my code in Arduino, and if I have the bootloader on the board and proram it through the IDE it works.

However, I want to just put the compiled Hex file on the Nano2, without the bootloader. I drag it accross over the DapLink, but it doesn’t work. I’m now just trying to get this going with the Blink sketch and no luck.

If I use different nRF52 board definition, it works, but I want to get this working the the Nano2. Please can you tell me what I need to do to be able to drag my Hex file into the DapLink?

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In my case, I followed this instractions to restore the right DAPLink driver:

this is the right file:


After that, I just dragged&dropped the hex file in the Nano2 folder appearing when you reconnect it to your pc.


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