BLE RedBear Scan Time



I have used several examples and have written a couple of my own programs to scan BLE. I have tried all sorts of variations with scan intervals, times, etc. But it takes a long time to scan the nearby beacons (25-50 seconds). There are 8 beacons nearby. And if i use other company’s devices (as we are prototyping), it takes only about (2-5 seconds) to see them all. I like the redbear as the wifi and BLE are in one unit, but this severe time delay may end up making us move on. I am starting to think it is a inherent hardware problem. Anyone have the same experience with long discovery times?


I see this from another post a year ago… maybe there is still an issue?

"There may be timing issue on the BLE. Since when I was trying to reproduce your situation, I wrote a simple sketch to make the Duo broadcast as an beacon, but the advertising interval is far away from what I set. :thinking:

We will look into this, but it might take a long time to figure it out."


FYI… I tried it on the nano 2…much much faster.


Has there been any information on this? Really struggling with the missed advertisement packets. Almost as if the duty cycle of the scanning is not really 100% of you set the scan window and interval to the same value.

Can someone from the firmware side respond and tell us if this can be or will be resolved? Just want to know if I need to try something else. I’d like to use the duo if possible.