BLE Shield 2 connection help needed


I am trying to get my BLE Shield 2 to connect to an Arduino Uno and my Moto G Android phone. Each time I try to get the app to connect, I receive the message= No BLE device was found.
Computer 1 is running Linux Ubuntu 17.4 with IDE release 1.8.2 and computer 2 is running Windows 10 with IDE release 1.8.3. I have tried several times on both computers, but the app seems unable to find the board. The app has been uninstalled and reinstalled, as well as the libraries and sketches. Phone and board about 1’ away from each other. I have both Bluetooth and WIFI active on the phone and both function with other devices.

Since I am new to this, I have followed each step as carefully as I can, yet I have this same problem.

What are some suggested solutions to help me get my telephone and the BLE Shield 2 to communicate with each other? Thank you for all help offered. lokespop