BLE Shield Pairing Rejected



I made an App on Android Studio to communicate with the BLE shield. I can’t Pair with the shield, it keeps rejecting the pairing.


Hi @patsrisaan, By default, the bounding feature is not implemented for the examples under the library folder “nRF8001”. But there is an example named “ble_HID_keyboard_2_bonds_template” demonstrating the bounding feature under the “BLE” library folder. You can upload this sketch to have it a try.


Okay, I ran the example. It seems that the example is for connecting the nRF8001 to a keyboard which is more than what I wanted it to do.

Bluetooth is a very new concept to me and I am trying to understand how it works.

All I am trying to do is to read data from the shield via my phone Application (I made). Other from the Bonding Enabling we do in the Arduino code. Is there any extra code I need in Android Studio?

I tested the App that you guys provide, Simple Chat. And it worked fine with the board without the long complicated code shown in ble_HID_keyboard_2_bands_template. Can the code for bonding be implemented in Android Studio instead?

The code below in the link works perfectly fine sending the data to Simple Chat.


No, the example is the simulated HID keyboard. What I was going to introduce is the bounding feature implemented in your sketch. The “nRF8001” library doesn’t implement the bounding feature, instead it is a simple wrapper of the “BLE” library. If you compare the source code of the wrapper file with the “ble_HID_keyboard_2_bands_template”, you’ll find the work flow is almost the same, except that the template implements the bounding feature.


No matter what I try I cannot get the blendmicro to pair. Is there specific code I can add to the chat example to get the bonding to occur. BTW I am a newbie when it come to BLE?