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Blenano 2 pn532 support


Hello everyone! I’ve been using the blenano v2 for a while now and although it works amazingly I’m having a lot of trouble with a project using an PN532 NFC tag. I can’t find any proper way to make the communication work between neither by I2C nor SPI. Using adafruit’s “Adafruit_PN532” library won’t work either. Needless to say all the adafruit examples work fine in any arduino board but not in the blenano. Is there any working example around this topic?

kinda desperate here…

kind regards!


Hi Rodrigo,
It could be a PIN assignment issue. This is what worked for me with i2c.

It was difficult to solder a wire to PO 7 for IRQ. PO 8 is (reset) is not needed.
Good Luck.


Hi Darren,

Thank you very much! I will definitely try this solution. As a provisional solution I ended up adding an arduino pro mini that talked with the PN532 and passed the value to the Nano2 via rx/tx

will post updates.



Hey again Darren, I’ve been trying again to do this setup in different ways without any luck, do you mind telling me which library you used to read the pins? as of now, I’m not even able to make an I2c scan.