Blend micro - bluetooth data stream to windows com port


Hi everyone,

I bought a Blend Micro. It’s the first time I am playing with a BLE device and I have already made it worked with the Android app by using some example templates (BLE controller, simple Chat, ….).

My goal: to use bluetooth in order to stream data to my computer and plot these data in real-time. I want to figure out how to catch these data in my computer with BLE communication (I bought a USB dongle 4.0). In my past experiences, I have already worked with Bluetooth 2.0 modules, which can be seen as a COM port and simply interfaced with software such as LabVIEW or Matlab.

Now, let’s say I upload the BLE controller example code to my Blend Micro. As soon as I established the connection with my PC (by adding the bluetooth device), there are no ways I can add it as a COM port, because in the “COM port bluetooth options” the Blend Micro is not seen. It’s not possible to add it.

So my problems/questions:
1) I don’t know how to make the BLE seen as a COM port.
2) Do you guys think are there any alternatives to target my goal?

Thank you very much!



Hi @ivan, AFAIK, there isn’t service like RFCOM, which is for BR/EDR bluetooth device. You can try implementing the BlendMicro as a BLE HID keyboard device, or you have to build your own App for your computer to exchange data with it.


Hi @guohui , thank you very much!

In these days I am actually understanding that BLE has been developed mainly (or let’s say exclusively) for App interaction, so maybe as you said developing an App for PC can be a solution… but unfortunately I have no experience in VS, C# and similar :disappointed:

What about the BLE HID? did you already have some experience with that? I mean, did you succeeded in sending/receiving data in this way? because in such a case, this can be actually a really nice solution!!!


I haven’t tried with the HID template, no experience :disappointed:. You can find the HID templates under “Documents\Arduino\libraries\BLE\examples”. I would like to be helpful if you have any problem using these templates.