Blend micro: Cannot receive bytes from evothings app


Hello. I am working with Evothings on RebBear Blend Micro.
I can easily connect and receive bytes FROM the board, but when I send data TO the board with app.sendData I got error 128 in evothings app.
If I test the compiled the app (with cordova,) on the phone (LG G4), I don’t get any error,
but I still do no not receive any bytes…
Even the evothings “Simple app” does not work properly: it can receive data from board
but, for example, if I press HIGH on the Digital Out control nothing happens on the board (pin 2 remains low, that is nothing is received from the board).
Any suggestions?


I would suggest you to add some debug code to print the status of the BlendMicro, as well as the data it received.