Blend Micro using ble_HID_keyboard_template example from Nordic



I tried to upload Nordic’s “ble_HID_keyboard_template” on my Blend Micro, but it’s not detected by my Android Phone (Samsung A3 2016). I’ve changed reqn to pin 6 and rdyn to pin 7. I’ve also changed the PAIRING CLEAR pin to 9.

Note that “Simple Chat”, "Simple Controls " and “BLE Controller” work fine with the Android app.

What else should I change in the sketch to make it work ?

Thanx in advance.

Best regards.


even i am facing same problem, did u get any solutiion?


No I didn’t, sorry !


ok :frowning:

do u have any other working sample for BLE HID KEYBOARD/MOUSE?


I actually dropped the Blend Micro for an Arduino + nRF24L01 that suited my use better…


The underling SDK is provided by Nordic and the last update is 3 years ago.
Arduino - Nordic Developer Zone

You can ask the Nordic’s engineers at their support forum.


actually i found the solution, problem was wrong pin configuration :slight_smile: