Blend Micro V1.0 keyboard emulation sending a character using a button


I am using Blend Micro V 1.0. I have successfully tested the board and I am able to turn on and off the built in LED
using a push button connected to GPIO A5.
I am trying to send ASCII character Z (in decimal equal 90) to USB on my computer using a push button
The sketch compiles without error and uploads to the Blend Micro but when I press on the push button the Keyboard.write(90) does not send the Z to the notepad where I have the cursor. (The TX LED on the board turns off when I push button and then turn backs on when I release the button)
The schematic of connection is exactly like the Arduino for a push button except I am using A5 GPIO on the Blend Micro

Is there something that I am missing?

// Start of the code

#include <Keyboard.h>
 // send character Z to the computer using Micro Blend V1.0, Keyboard emulator
// input pin for pushbutton

#define DIGITAL_IN_PIN     A5

void setup() {

  // make the pushButton pin an input:
  // initialize control over the keyboard:

void loop() {
  //if the button is pressed
      if (digitalRead(DIGITAL_IN_PIN) == HIGH)
    //Send an ASCII 'Z' using decimal equivalent 

//end of the code