Blend2 Retired?


Why did the Blend 2 Retire? This has only been out for a year! I just got done reprogramming the Blend 1 to Blend 2 and now you pull it off the market? Is there a replacement coming? Our company designs a hat that sits on top of this integrated Arduino board. This past year the documentation on your boards and future plans have been severely lacking.


As part of the acquisition of RedBear, we have to make some hard business decisions including the discontinue of very slow moving items and the technical supports to them.

Unfortunately, the demand for Blend2 have been very low and we do not have any plan for product using the same form factor going forward.


Ah, my apologies then. I didn’t realize you were being acquired, by Particle no less. We will make the transition to Red Bear Duo and whatever you develop for Particle. Thanks for the update. I was un-informed.