Blinky led MBED BLE Nano v2 dont work


Hi friends…
I have a ble nano v2 and i want to test it with mbed. I follow this guide

that code dont work if i drag and drop .hex to my DAPLINK,

If i download .hex in this link :

it’s work fine :slight_smile:

Any solutions ?


Hi Durr,

Having the same problem, did you solve your problem ?


Hi! I had the same kind of problem. I bought a BLE Nano v2 with a DAPLink v1.5 dongle.
The solution was to first of all, double click the html file in the DAPLINK(F:) removable disk icon, in order to have the correct platform for mbed.
Secondly, when you follow these instructions ( to install blinky, you should replace the LED1 by P0_11 and not P0_19 as mentioned on other sources.

Hope this helps!


Your suggestion “replace the LED1 by P0_11 and not P0_19 as mentioned on other sources.”
may be helpful but starting at “mbed-OS-Example-Blinky” in mBed
all I see is a main.cpp that has a .h file “mbed.h”, it looks like this file is not available to view.

The link: not seem to work any more. - Can the Particle team fix this ?

But I will just code it this way and hope it works:
#include “mbed.h”

//DigitalOut led1(LED1);
DigitalOut led1(P0_11);

// main() runs in its own thread in the OS
int main() {
while (true) {
led1 = !led1;