Bluetooth not working with kernel 4.9.x


I’m using 3 Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 with 3 IoT_pHAT ans Raspbian Jessie… All work pretty good with kernel 4.4.x. But after sudo apt-get upgrade and pushing Raspbian to kernel 4.9.24+ Bluetooth is no longer working. In /dev is no serial0 nor serial1 available. Both have been there before the upgrade. Nothing else changed, just doing apt-get upgrade. Any idea what needs to be done to get Bluetooth working again? How to bring serial1 back to /dev?

/etc/udev/rules.d/99-com.rules is still unchanged, but it looks like that the symlinks for serial0 and serial1 are no longer created after upgrading to kernel 4.9.x.

Update: Without the IOT_pHAT a device ‘serial0’ is available in /dev. With the IOT_pHAT no serial device is available in /dev.


I think I’ve found a workaround. I’ve changed the file
by replacing the line
ExecStart=/usr/bin/hciattach /serial1 bcm43xx 921600 noflow -
ExecStart=/usr/bin/hciattach /dev/ttyAMA0 bcm43xx 921600 noflow -

With this change bluetooth is working properly again.


super, thanks. all good now, works like a champ.