I have bought a ble nano kit v2, I compiled the BLE_iBeacon program and downloaded BLE_iBeacon_RBLAB_BLENANO.hex from the web of mbed. When I drag the hex file into the drive, the hex file is deleted automatically.
Does bootloader.hex needed for dragging the hex file? Is it necessary to compile the program on Mbed CLI to get the .bin file?


I believe it’s normal for the .hex file to disappear after you load it onto the drive, and the drive will remount. At least that’s what mine does. I copy the .hex file over.

According to my understanding, the MBED OS is not officially supported on the BLE Nano V2 board:

I selected the nRF52_DK as the target board and have gotten the mbed-os-example-ble-BatteryLevel example partly working on my Nano V2 board, but I think to make it work right, I would need to make additional changes for my board. The nRF52_DK is a Nordic Semiconductor design board which uses the same chip as the NanoV2, but is a different board than RedBear.

If you are able to use the Arduino library, I would go with that. I have gotten that to work, no problems so far


I added it to mbed-os since this forum topic, so it is as close to officially supported as you can get now.