Building with WICED SDK


@dwsexton, Awesome! :muscle: Thank you so much for sharing valuable experience!


hello Daniel,

Tha guide is great. It’s very detailed and has a step by step approach. Thank you so much again for sharing your experience.


Thanks, I hope I captured most of it.

I know I will get much greater value back as I ask questions about getting BLE up and running. I know nothing about BLE but I will need to get an interface to a device up in running and I am sure I can get a lot of great help here.


Hello Daniel,

I have just found the chance to go over the steps in the guide (too many projects kept me dealing with redbear duo) There are a couple of things I would like to ask

  • Under tools/ARM_GNU/bin/Linux64/internal/ I don’t have
    is there a typo in the guide, or maybe the download contents have changed

  • After downloading eclipse, I had to download arm-plugins from eclipse marketplace so that arm toolchain is available in project menu. Maybe we can add this to the guide

  • Also, when I setup a new STM32F2xx C++ project, eclipse asks me about the chip flash/SRAM, clock frequency, am I doing something wrong?

thanks a lot