Can i use BLE Shield in place of HM10 module?


I am right now using a HM10 module for data transfer between an iOS phone and my Arduino Mega 256 MCU board.

But the HM10 being sourced from China and at times we end up with duplicates which are dud ones.

I recently bought a Red Bear BLE shield and was wondering if I can use it as a replacement for the unreliable HM10 ? Atleast I am then sure the BLE device is a proven and reliable one ??



Hi @mogaraghu, Since you’ve bought the shield, why not give it a try? Please refer to this post to install the BLE libraries for the shield:

You can start it from step 4.

P.s., the shield can only act as BLE peripheral, and the services and characteristics are pre-generated within the library. If you need to create custom service, you must install nRFgo Studio provided by Nordic.