Can't load sketches through Arduino IDE


I have a redbear duo and I am trying to upload a basic sketch from the Arduino IDE and when I do so, it tells me the sketch has been successfully uploaded, but the default web server sketch is what remains. I can still use the BLE app “Simple Controls” and control the duo, but if I try to upload the blink sketch or any other sketch for that matter, I get a successful upload (or so the arduino IDE tells me), but its still the web server sketch that is running. I have also tried to do this from the IDE and the same thing happens, it tells me I have successfully flashed my code, but the web server sketch is what still remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kindly try to update to the latest firmware
Duo firmware

And then try with the Particle platform again


I am having this issue with multiple redbear duos, however, I have one that is not having this issue and its been months since I purchased that one and can’t remember what I did differently then, if anything. All duos have firmware version 0.3.0. The one difference between the one that is working and the ones that are not is that when I power the working one on, it doesn’t go through a green blinking stage, however, the others do, like its connecting to the internet. The working one doesn’t seem to do this.


Regardless of what sketch I load, whether from the arduino IDE or from the particle IDE, I get the same thing printed in the serial window, listed below.

Arduino sketch started.

Local Name: Duo-N7LR

Your Duo’s device ID: 3f0022****************
Note: If your Duo hasn’t stored a valid WiFi profile, it will enter the listening mode for provisioning first.

Waiting for an IP address…

SSID: InternetConnection
IP Address:
signal strength (RSSI):-47 dBm
Make sure your smart device acting as web client is connecting to the same AP as Duo.
Then open the web browser on your smart device and enter the Duo’s web server IP address.

mdns/setup success
BLE start advertising.


Maybe you can try to update to firmware version 0.3.1 or try to reset the wi-fi network on the duo so that it only stays in listening mode instead of trying to connect to wifi?