Can't Program Nano v1.5 with DAPlink v1.5


I use both Nano V1.5 and the new Nano 2. The DAPlink V1.5 that came with the Nano 2 works fine for programming the Nano 2, but Fails when I use it to try to program my Nano V1.5. Is the DAPlink V1.5 compatible with the previous generation Nanos? My DAPlink firmware version is “DAPLink_F103_BLENano.bin”


By the way, I did verify that I can program my Nano V1.5 with my older DAPlink V1.0 board, but when I use the new DAPlink V1.5 to load exactly the same .hex file, it fails.


Hi kmoto,
I have the same issue, have you resolve this?
Any comment will be very grateful!



You need different firmware on DAPLink (any version) for Nano v1.5.

For using with Nano v2


Thanks Chi. Before I posted the question I did try to load some versions of the nRF51 series firmware onto the DAPlink, but it kept ending with a “fail” message. But after your post I scoured the GitHub again and found a version I had not tried yet. And It worked! Specifically, the firmware that worked is called “gd32f103cb_rblnano_if_crc_legacy_0x8000_20161130.bin” and I got it from:


Great kmoto thanks! it works for me too!


Hi Kmoto,
I have the same issue.
how do I flash the .bin file into the DAPlink v1.5?