CC3200 + BLE Shield 2.1 support


Hello everyone,

at this moment I try to use the RBL BLE Shield 2.1 with the RBL CC3200 board. Because I found only a documentation for the usage with Arduino I wonder whether I can combine these two elements in general.

When I follow the instructions here I always get an error of a missing avr library:

libraries\RBL_nRF8001/RBL_nRF8001.h:21:23: fatal error: avr/sleep.h: No such file or directory

#include <avr/sleep.h>


compilation terminated.

I hope you can give me a small hint to solve this problem or can tell me, whether there is another workaround for the usage of these two RBL devices.

Thank you!


Hi @ma911rio,

The RBL_nRF8001 library is written for Arduino AVR compatible devices, while the CC3200 is of ARM device. All you need to do is removing the AVR relevant code and adjusting the default SPI driver by using the CC3200 SPI driver.



Thank you, guohui!

But now I have a problem belonging the BLE SDK. There are several errors like this one:

>  Documents\Energia\libraries\BLE\aci.h:265:3: error: 'uint16_t' does not name a type

>     uint16_t min_conn_interval;   /**< Minimum connection interval requested from peer */

Do you know why these errors appear?


This is usually because you haven’t included the "stdint.h".


Tanks for your help @guohui!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work at all, I get now several other errors regarding the BLE library…

On your website you announced a library for the CC3200, when will you publish it?


I don’t remember that we have wrote a dedicate nRF8001 library for CC3200, but we did port it for Arduino DUE. Please refer to this guide: