Change MTU size for a BLE peripheral connection?


Hi all! I have a BLE app using the WICED Wi-Fi SDK 3.7.0 and a Duo (BCM43438) where the device is a peripheral and have been trying to figure out how to change the MTU size. I have tried calling the wiced_bt_gatt_configure_mtu function after the connection is established but it always returns WICED_BT_GATT_NO_RESOURCES. I have tried increasing the size of and number of buffers inside of the wiced_bt_cfg_buf_pool_t variable that gets passed to the wiced_bt_stack_init function but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. What is the correct way to increase the MTU size or how do I fix the WICED_BT_GATT_NO_RESOURCES error?



Hi @samy, Since the Bluetooth Stack provided by Cypress is closed source, we do also have no idea how to fixes this issue. I would suggest you to go to the Cypress forum for help.