Change name BLEmini from iOS device


Hi!! my name is Alan, i have a question… How i can change the name of BLEmini module, from ios device, using the UUID Characteristics.



Hi @alanmb20,

The characteristic UUID for changing the device name is:


The maximum length of the characteristic is limited to 20. And the characteristic property is WRITE_WITH_RESPONSE | READ

You can change the name using the popular iOS App: LightBlue.



hi! thanks for your response, one more question… only using the LightBlue app can change the name?, i want to change the name using iOS framework in a custom app … its posible?



Of course you can. My suggestion is only an easy way for you to access this characteristic.


Thanks for the response! I ended up trying a ton of workarounds learning how to build the firmware and failing at the last step only to find your post worked great.