Changing size of MAX_ATT_DB_SIZE


I believe I have run out of room in the BLE attribute table. I am using a custom service UUID with four characteristics along with several standard services/characteristics. I think I have gone above the 600 byte limit of the BLE attribute table. All of my services seem to work fine as long as I don’t include them all in the same build. Can the size of the attribute table be user defined?

I tried defining a larger table by increasing MAX_ATT_DB_SIZE in btstack_config.h but it did not seem to have any effect. Is there another way to do that? I don’t feel like my 9 standard characteristics and 4 custom characteristics are really all that much.

Also, all of my custom characteristics are under the 20 byte limit for data.


Hi @jscofield … i’m experiencng the same limitation … did you find any solution to this problem?. thanks