Communication b/w multiple (> 10) BLE Nano 2



I am working on a project where I require multiple wireless communication enabled sensor nodes. Ultimately data from all sensor nodes needs to passed onto a smartphone. I am trying to find an appropriate connection topology. I am relatively new to wireless communication and help from this community would be very helpful.

I am considering BLE Nano 2 because of its compact form-factor, powerful SOC, etc. As far as I know I cannot make the phone communicate to 10 BLE Nano 2 (operating in BLE peripheral mode). Thus, one of the Nano 2 needs to be configured as BLE Central which can address other BLE Nano’s and simultaneously communicate with the phone. What options do I have to use BLE Nano in Central mode? I considered the MynewtOS but it doesn’t seem to be easy to beginners. On the other hand Sandeep mistry provides libraries compatible with Arduino IDE but doesn’t support BLE central for BLE Nano 2. What other libraries can I use? Are my assumptions correct?