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Connect RedBear Duo Board to Particle Cloud

I understand that the RedBear team have now moved to particle, and that the iOS and Android apps are no longer available to set up the duo. Is it still possible to register RedBear Duo boards on the cloud? I couldn’t seem to find a way to achieve this.

I did this recently following the instructions at https://github.com/redbear/Duo/blob/master/docs/out_of_box_experience.md

Ah thanks, didn’t notice it was the app route or the terminal option. After I connect to my wireless hotspot on my phone (I know it connects as it shows up as a connection on phone). I can’t seem to get any further, I get a flashing green light and then a solid green light with flashing blue. But can’t seem to proceed onto the " Toggle the on-board LED using web browser" steps.