Connecting BLE Nano to a peripheral device using bluetooth


I just got BLE Nano Kit and want to test bluetooth connection with a peripheral device (mobile) for now. I want to connect sensor to it and send the sensor values to a mobile. I went through different resources but am not able to find anything relevant. I am using Arduino IDE for this. Need help for the same.


Maybe you can try the BLE_HRM example and connect it to the nRF Toolbox app downloaded on mobile?


Hey Wenjun, thank you for your help. I tried running the BLE_HRM example with the nRF Toolbox app and it worked fine. Is there any other way I could send the sensor values from BLE Nano to mobile without using the nRF app ? (as the app has limited sensor options)


And can I send the values from BLE Nano to Genuine 101 via bluetooth? If yes, then please let me know how. I am not able to find any information related to this topic.