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As a new R-Pi user, I was surprised to find that there was absolutely no documentation with the IoT pHAT. Visiting this site also contains no clues on how to proceed! Reading the Blog was no help either - it assumes pre-knowledge. I eventually found the documentation under GitHub… not an obvious choice.

Adding a tab to the home page called ‘Dowloads/Docs’ which merely says (or directs to the GitHub would solve that. problem.

(It also isn’t obvious how to add topics to the forum, but that’s another point.)



On the Home page for RedBear there is a Connect Link to GitHub as well as others. On the IoT pHat product page is a link under Technical Details to GitHub “Getting started guide and technical details” that will get you to GitHub as well.

To start a new Topic, click on the Forum Link in the top center of the page. Then under your “S” avatar, click on + New Topic.

Hope you enjoy it here as much as I have. RedBear Labs support is awesome.



Did you ever get to find the documentation ?? U haven’t been able to locate anything relevant on GitHub.


Thank you to billskeen68 for his helpfulk info.

Clicking on the ‘Getting Started …’ link takes you to the GitHub page.
Once there, click the green download button, and download the offered ZIP file, which will contain (as well as other files) those shown on the front GitHub page. As far as I’m aware, that’s all there is - officially.

I checked this just now, and it is working, but I have noted that sometimes documentation and libraries for specific pieces of hardware can vanish if the originating company folds or gets bored with it. Consequntly, whenever I get something new, I endevor to always download everything I can find that’s relevent and keep it in its own folder.

(A case in point was the LED matrix LoL which started life for the Arduino and was then rejigged and sold for the R-Pi. Having bought it at the end of its life, the advertised files had vanished. I did eventually get them - or something similar - but it is important. Without the documentation and libraries, most boards will be useless.)


Forgot to put it in!