Duo, WICED 5.1, HomeKit?


Have the RedBear folks tested the HomeKit functionality on the Duo board with the newest versions of the SDK (5.1.0 as of now, I believe)? I am trying to get the HomeKit examples to work, but have an unknown problem thus far.
I am fairly sure that the authentication coprocessor is working since the plain apple_wac example (non-homekit) works, and I can get connected to WiFi, but none of the HomeKit examples work and none pass the WAC stage.

I did have to add “RB_DUO*” to the VALID_PLATFORMS list, and it builds and appears to run, but it’s still possible that there is a quiet or hidden incompatibility somewhere?
I am starting to go through the fine details to be sure that the DCT’s are not overflowed, everything is in the right place, etc. But some input from RedBear would be super helpful.


Sorry, we do not provide support for HomeKit development.
(we have no plan to test HomeKit on WICED 5.1 at the moment)



Well, at least the WAC example works. But the HomeKit ones do not.