EXTREME LOW POWER Programming Questions with BLE nano V1


Hi, I would like to create a product lasting 30+years, based on Ble Nano v1(nrf51822), thus I need to avoid wasting any uAh. I have some questions about real power consumption and programming best practices:

  1. if I can choose the battery type and voltage, is it better to have nano v1 powered from Vin or from Vdd?

  2. If I have a simple ble beacon advertising a same fixed message, is the ble nano v1 power consumption the same as the power consumption of the underlying nrf51822 chip or higher?

  3. I would like to configure a digital pin as output, and use it as Vdd for a sensor. By setting it HIGH the sensor turns on and setting it LOW, the sensor turns off. When setting it LOW, is the current consumption REALLY 0mAh, or there will be always some current drain? In the second case, I noticed that, in arduino IDE, it is possible to configure as digital input a pin which was already configured as digital output. Do you think that toggling a pin configuration from output to input and viceversa, can be a way to efficiently power off the sensor with REAL 0mAh power consumption?

  4. Which is the expected consumption of a pin configured as digital input, when it is not read? Does it drain current only for the fact that it has been configured?

  5. Are there some snippets of code/instructions/tips and tricks/best practices to create power optimized firmware for ble nano using arduino IDE libraries?

Thanks very much!!