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Fail to get started with DUO updates and drivers installation

This is a report from a very VERY frustrated customer of RedBear products (Wifi Micro and DUO).

I won a Wifi Micro last year on a SeeedStudio giveaway, which I was never EVER able to use due to repeating failed attempts to install MK20 USB serial driver. When I was finally able to install said drive, was the Wifi Micro that has NEVER worked with the Arduino IDE (it is never recognized by the IDE while trying to upload code).

Now I received my DUO from the Kickstarter campaing, which is being anothe pain in the *ss to get working: As a relative beginner user (at least to RedBear products) I found the Github pages VERY POORLY documented, to the point that I still do not understand where and when to use that dfu_util exe file!. Every time I open it, it closes right away!.

I have followed the (poorly written) github firmware update help (https://github.com/redbear/Duo/blob/master/firmware/README.md) and all I could do so far was get my DUO to NOT BEING RECOGNIZED by my windows 10 machine (it doesn’t show up in the device manager).

So here is my point: can you guys at RedBead write a DESCENT getting started help guide focused on Windows 10? And please do not tell me I have to disable Drive signatures!!

I’ve read somewhere, I think, that they’re going to get signed drivers, but for now you have to disable the driver signature verification. What’s the problem?

The dfu_util is meant to be used with the command line, if you’re not familiar with it, just look some tutorials up.

@clovisf, make sure you Google to see how to get unsigned drivers installed in Windows 10. I know it is a challenge and if you just Google it you will find the right advice.

Once that is done you need to run the dfu util from an MS dos window.

A lot of help can be found on the particle website. So have a look at docs.particle.io and community.particle.io

Give it a try, i managed to get 3 Duo’s up and running in no time.
Make sure to not follow the guidelines from particle to literately, the memory mapping of the Duo is not the same. So Always keep the Duo documentation as the final reference when looking for commands.

Give it a try, I’m sure you will manage.

Trying to install the serial drivers on Windows 10 x64, I get:

I tried downloading the drivers again but still get the same error.


Are you the same peekay123 from the Particle world? I love Particle too! I went through this yesterday on a Win10 x64 system with no issues.

The tutorial stated that drivers were not needed on Win10 and so I never installed any. Everything went smoothly and so I don’t think that you actually need the serial driver. I am wondering if Win10 is giving an error on it because it is not valid on the platform because that functionality is embedded in the OS.

@jl678, I am that same peekay123 :wink:

I realized I had a Teensy driver on my system and that’s what the Duos were being tagged against. The windows drivers should have installed regardless but that hash error is a mystery to me. Nonetheless, windows still assigned a serial port so I was able to set everything up since I already had dfu-uitl and zadig. I have not 5 lovely breathing Duos :smile:

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