Firmware Updates


Anyone have any information/timeline on when firmware Updates from Particle will be pulled into the redbear fork? As far as I can tell the current Dev branch in GitHub has build failures.



Hi @mdgagne, we will release the next firmware before March.

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I have a private fork that is buildable, but I hesitate to release it. There are two problems:

  1. Particle firmware 0.7.x added the support for WPA Enterprise WiFi authentication. As part of this feature, the layout of DCT configuration block has changed to include a space to store an X.509 certificate. The RedBear fork, however, uses slightly different DCT layout from Particle Photon where a 1024 byte block was reserved for potential use by WICED applications (, line 21). Now the space reserved for the whole DCT block is not sufficient to include both the reserved block and the new WPA Enterprise data. Changing the layout is not easy and it is definitely not backward compatible. Thus I decided not to release my fork because it would probably result in loss of data when upgrading to an official firmware later.

  2. The WICED SDK used by the RedBear firmware is an older version that doesn’t include all the necessary stuff to get WPA Enterprise working. I believe there’s an updated version available, but I haven’t used it. Instead, I #ifdef’d out parts of the code that depended on the newer version.


@guohui did this firmware release ever happen? I’d like to upgrade my Duo so that it can connect to Enterprise Wi-Fi at my university, and since that was added in the 0.7.x version of the Particle firmware, my guess is that it won’t work on the Duo yet.

Any news? Thanks!


Hi @morphatic, Kindly try the latest firmware release: