Get SSID from set up (DFU mode)


I would like configure the duo by the SET_UP mode, in order to set ssid and pwd. After this configuration i would like get the ssid and the pwd in my custom code (send by arduino IDE), is it possible ?
the stack :
1 - in Set UP mode set ssid and pwd
2 - standart mode use ssid and pwd to connect my network

the goal is to set ssid and pwd in different place an network , i would like run my application anyway.

thanks for your help.


Hi @sept50,

Actually, you can set the SSID and password when the Duo is in the Listening Mode, as well as you can set it in your sketch using WiFi APIs: The Duo is capable of storing up to 5 credentials internally. Everytime it tries connecting to AP, it will iterate all of stored WiFi credentials, until it is connected to AP.

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