Getting Started with BLE for Nano v2



I’m trying to use Bluetooth to transmit data from a sensor to an Android app using the Arduino IDE, but I’m having trouble figuring out how it all works. Very new to Bluetooth, so it’s difficult to grasp what’s happening. I’ve gone through the getting started guide with the app from the app store. Any help would be appreciated!


this was a very helpful document for me to understand Bluetooth Low Energy basically: Maybe it helps you to understand whats going on in the getting started guide.


Basically you can use the Nordic Uart service, see the Nano BLE_Serial examples. On the app side Nordic UART app (android) will connect and send/receive data.
If you want to write you own app that is a lot more work.
My pfodApp (Android)
will handle all of that for you and can capture and log and plot the data you send.
The free pfodDesigner lets you design menus and charts, WYSIWYG on your mobile, and then will generate the code for your Nano2 (including all the BLE code)
see for lots of examples.