How can send an String data each 2 module Nrf51822


Hi, I’m working on Nrf51822 module, i want to send a string “Ban 2-3” from BLE Central to BLE device client. I did use ble.updateCharacteristicValue but it just send a Hex data. Please help me


You can refer to communication from central to peripheral and it succeeds in doing so.


Hi kaitou26698

what else should it send if no hexadecimal numbers? Computersystems work binary… Maybe the received hex data is the correct string you sent and you should have a look at the ASCII table.

Another assumption is, that you’re using the wrong function to write a value to a characteristic at the peripheral device from a central device. ble.updateCharacteristicValue sounds like an update of the characteristic value at the peripheral device by itself and not by the central device. But I’m not sure…

kind regards